Chef: @petitepancakery

"This protein mango chia pudding is perfect for those hot summer mornings where you just need a grab-n-go breakfast. Super simple, easy and dang delicious 👌

Make life even easier by prepping this the night before, or in a larger batch for meal prepping. And trust me, the longer you let this chill in the fridge, the tastier it is! I had some leftover after 2 days and I swear it was even better than the first - the chia seeds really gel up and soak in the mango flavors. Yum 😋"


  1. 10g vanilla whey protein
  2. 120g light/fat free coconut milk (sub nut milk)
  3. 40g greek yogurt
  4. 15g chia seeds
  5. 10g sugar free syrup
  6. 168g mango, pureed (about 1 med-large mango)
  7. 10g sugar free syrupDirections


  1. To a container or jar, combine milk, yogurt, chia seeds, protein powder & syrup. Place in fridge & let thicken several hours (overnight is best so the chia seeds get really thick).
  2. In a blender, blend together chopped mango & syrup until a smooth puree forms.
  3. Once ready to enjoy, layer your chia pudding & mango puree in a bowl. Top with additional chopped mango, pecans, shaved coconut...the list goes on!

Nutritional Facts (AKA. Macros)

1 large or 2 smaller servings
  • Per serving: 154 cals (8g P • 18g C • 6g F)
  • Whole batch: 308 cals (16g P • 37g C • 13g F)


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