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Simplifying the supplement products by stripping the ingredients down to the core. You will find this makes the blends super delicious.

Modern Packaging - Suppy Difference

Reduce your carbon footprint

Suppy protein is shipped to you in a compact, resealable bag that is 40% more space-efficient than standard protein tubs. Which means less energy is required to get Suppy to your door-step!

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We've simplified the ingredients in our protein powder to make it delicious and easily mixable with any recipe.


Get a burst of focused-energy and endurance to get you excited for your workout!

For over 5 years we have grounded our focus on helping you meet all your health & fitness goals.

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Join the movement and experience deliciousness


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We offer the best shipping rates in all of Canada. We cover over 60% of shipping costs so we could get Suppy to you as affordable as possible. Whereas our competitors neither offer flat-rate shipping nor free-shipping as low as us!

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When two founders love each other very much... kidding.

Suppy whey protein is made in Ontario, Canada from the highest quality ingredients in a cGMP-certified and Health Canada Licensed facility. To learn more about our product or how it's made check out our product page.

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Cooking with Suppy

Suppy Protein isn't just for a post-workout shake. It's unique simplicity makes it a high-protein flavored powder that can be mixed with all your favourite recipes.

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