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When two founders love each other very much... kidding.

Suppy whey protein is made in Ontario, Canada from the highest quality ingredients in a cGMP-certified and Health Canada Licensed facility. To learn more about our product or how it's made check out our product page.

It sure is! Though our lawyers would be disappointed if we didn't mention that Suppy protein is manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat products. 

You should. Seriously, whether you're looking to lean out or bulk up, Suppy Whey helps fuel muscle recovery and power your metabolic engine. Check out a few of our blog posts to learn more about the benefits of protein.

Suppy Whey is great to take after a workout, to maximize muscle recovery. It is also a great addition to your morning routine, to keep your metabolism running all day. 

The Suppy pre-workout is a blend of medical ingredients that are proven to help you get the energy, endurance, and focus to get through a workout.

The difference between pre-workout and any other caffeinated drink, is that Suppy Pre-workout includes ingredients that is proven to improve your athletic performance and focus.

Anyone that needs an extra push to get them excited for a workout or if you're trying perform better during your workout!

Just like any supplement, you do not NEED them. They're meant to 'supplement' your lifestyle.

For example, people don't need coffee to get through their job, but it sure does help. Pre-workout is the exact same way, it just helps you get excited for your workout.


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