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Suppy Spotlight: Featuring Rachel Fackoury

Rachel Fackoury is a Toronto-based trainer out to lead women on a path of self-discovery through fitness. With a lifelong love for sport, she’s now got a degree in kinesiology and has been teaching classes in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo for over 7 years. Through Discover You, her own fitness and wellness business, she offers personal training, group classes, and seasonal special events to help people connect with their bodies through movement. What makes her approach different is her focus on total wellness and community. She knows that fitness’ health benefits aren’t just physical; a good workout and a like-minded group of people can provide the perfect dose of stress relief and mental clarity. Find out what she eats, how she trains, and...

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How to Train Your Weak Spots (Hint: It may Involve Dropping the Weight)

Gyms are a social place. If you go at the same time every day, you’ll start to notice a few familiar faces, and soon you’ll move from nods and friendly smiles to full-fledged conversations (though you may never actually learn their names). Because I’m pretty consistent with my training habits, there are a few people at the gym who I interact with regularly. And a few days ago, one of the other gym faithfuls approached me to call out my bench press form. In a very friendly way, this good gym-samaritan pointed out that I wasn’t bringing the bar low enough to my chest, at the bottom of my reputation. I was surprised, and only partially because gym etiquette clearly prohibits unsolicited form...

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A Day in the Life of a Varsity Athlete

Finding time for exercise can be challenging. We get it, so we sat down with someone who knows this struggle all too well. Christie Honor is an Ivy-League varsity athlete who doubles as a Biology major, studying for med-school applications. She's a graduating senior at Dartmouth College and the starting goalie on their Women's Ice Hockey team. She’s been featured on ESPN, holds an NCAA record, and is Dartmouth's all-time leader for the number of in saves in a single season (no big deal).

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Suppy Spotlight: Featuring Jojo Maisie

Welcome to our second installment of Suppy Spotlight. Here we feature athletes and fitness leaders from across Canada and learn about their diet, their routines, and all of the things that make them tick. This week's guest is Toronto-based coach and lover of all things fitness, Jojo Maisie.

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