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The Truth About Bulking

As the days get shorter and the temperature cools down, weightlifters everywhere are marking their calendars, for bulking season is upon us. But before you order that cheeseburger and upsize your fries, take a moment to learn the truth about bulking.

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Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder

As you may or may not have guessed, we’re pretty into protein powder here at Suppy. And, because we love it so much, we’ve scoured the internet to find some creative ways to use the stuff. Here are a few of our favourites ways to add taste and nutritional value to your diet, in no particular order. 

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Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating from Someone Who Spent a Year on the Road

Making smart choices can be tough, but after spending 223 nights on the road last year, I picked up a few simple tips for making better restaurants decisions. Know When to Indulge: Some people swear by cheat days or cheat meals. For me, cheat days tend to be more of a distraction and end up throwing me off my routine. So, I try to maintain my regularly scheduled eating habits, as much as possible. But everyone needs a break sometimes.

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