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How to Dress for the Gym

The gym is full of attractive people with similar lifestyles, and can be a great place to land a date, or at least turn heads. Just make sure you get your reps in, and you're not just standing by the water fountain or waiting outside of the yoga room. When it comes to gym fashion, simplicity is key. If you wear clean clothes and dress for what you’re doing, you’re already better off than a lot of guys in the gym. But if you really want to up your game, we’ve got you covered, from head to toe. 

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Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating from Someone Who Spent a Year on the Road

Making smart choices can be tough, but after spending 223 nights on the road last year, I picked up a few simple tips for making better restaurants decisions. Know When to Indulge: Some people swear by cheat days or cheat meals. For me, cheat days tend to be more of a distraction and end up throwing me off my routine. So, I try to maintain my regularly scheduled eating habits, as much as possible. But everyone needs a break sometimes.

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Back to School and Back to Basics

Labour day is one of my favourite holiday weekends. For many, it signals the end of summer but for me, it has always been the time to start something new. It marks the start of a new school year, a new hockey season, and for some gym bros, the beginning of a long winter’s bulk. But as your priorities shift from patios to presentations, it’s easy to let your fitness goals slip away. Here are a few changes that you can make to keep things simple and on track this fall...

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A Simpler Whey

The 90’s called and they want their protein back. Gone are the days of frosted tips and oily men in skimpy shorts and neon tank tops. Fitness has changed, but protein companies haven’t. They still have retail stores in every mall, full of sales staff and weird supplements that no one ever buys. Frankly, we were tired of paying for all of that extra stuff, and we’re sure you are too. We built Suppy to simplify the process and bring you your protein for less.

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