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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Training?

When you think about health and wellness, alcohol is probably the last thing that comes to mind, unless you’re playing the opposite game. But we’re human, and for most of us, alcohol is an important part of our lives, just like health, family, and fitness. Because alcohol doesn’t usually complement our fitness goals, we must try to find a balance between the two. But before you swear off the sauce entirely, it’s important to understand the real effects alcohol has on your fitness and training.

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How to Lose Fat (Not Muscle)

The clocks have sprung forward and spring is apparently here. And while the weather forecast may indicate differently, bathing suit season is just around the corner. If you’ve spent the better part of winter bundled up inside, with great TV and hearty meals, there may be some dieting on the menu in next few months.Whether you’re experienced with the seasonality of the bulk/cut cycle, or it’s your first foray into shedding those winter layers, spring is a common time to slim down. But your goal shouldn't be to simply lose numbers on the scale. Instead, spring dieters should be focused on reducing their body fat percentage.

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5 Tips to Staying Fit This Holiday Season

For most, the holiday season means spending time with loved ones, travelling to family gatherings, attending holiday parties and indulging in extravagant dinners. It’s no surprise that with the lack of exercise and constant overeating, many of us see our waistlines expand.  To help you keep your fitness goals on track, here are 5 tips for the holiday season.

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The Case for Whey Protein Powder

There’s protein in beans, soy, and all sorts of vegetables, but there's a reason why chicken, eggs, and whey protein powder have been athletes' staples for so many years. When it comes to your body’s ability to digest, absorb, and leverage what you consume, all proteins are not created equal. You will never absorb 100% of the protein you eat, but some sources have been proven to be more effective than others.

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You’re Not as Keto as You Think

It seems like everyone and their brother is on the keto diet. It’s today’s diet of choice and appears to be one of the most popular conversation topics of 2018. Despite its prevalence, the ketogenic diet is often misunderstood. What a lot of people think of as ‘keto’ is actually just a low-carb diet, like Atkins. Before you decide to go keto, take some time to think about what you’re getting yourself into, and why.

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